Amazing Confession of an Anti Qadiani Mullah!

Watch how an Anti-Ahmadiyya Maulvi Mr. Manzoor Chinioti was compelled to Admit Truth! In this video you will watch him admitting that that “The Non-Ahmadi Muslims are converting to Ahmadiyyat because they see it as converting from Islam to Better Islam”. This Mullah also admits that “Non-Ahmadi Muslim see Ahmadi Muslims reciting Kalima, offering 5 times prayers & doing good deeds – thus they consider converting to Ahmadiyyat as converting from Islam to Better Islam.”

In other words ordinary Muslims are converting to Islam Ahmadiyya in tens of thousands because they see Islam Ahmadiyya as far better Islam than the Mullah’s brand of Islam.

The question is if Ahmadiyyat is better Islam and its beliefs are soundly rooted in Quran and Hadith why then stay away from it? Join Islam Ahmadiyyat the community of the Promised Messiah and Mahdi.

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