Jesus Christ a Lord or humble prophet of God?

Jesus son of Mary is considered a “God” by Christians. It is quite strange how people can take a human being to be God. From what I have read so far on the subject Christians have a blind faith on this subject without any rationality behind it. But it is time now to wake up the Christians to accept the Second Messiah as they accepted the First Messiah. Whoever thinks and does not blindly follow clergy is realizing that taking a noble human being to the status of God is not rational and is an insult to that very person who all his life prayed to the One God himself as a humble one. It is time Christians start doing their research in religious matters as they are doing in science and other worldly matters. Religion is not about blind faith. Read Bible and ponder over its true meanings. Then read about other religions and see for yourself which one is the Universal Religion for whole of the mankind that has the solution to world problems.

Why should we use rationality? Please read about it in About page.

Now if you are ready to open your mind to reasoning and rationality, then the first book that is worth the read is Christianity – A Journey from Facts to Fiction.

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