Muslims must learn to speak the language of bullies?

This article appeared in Tribune blog. It is an interesting piece no doubt about it and the author has elaborated on the double standards shown towards Muslims. However it is quite ironic.

The bullying goes on with full media and state sponsorship in Muslim countries by Jama’at-e-Islami and the like minded anti-Islamic ideologies that believe in force and compulsion against the very teachings of Holy Quran. A country that was created in the name of Islam, Pakistan, has introduced anti-Islamic laws in the very name of Islam to defame Islam world over under pressure of these mullahs (read: bullying), what could one expect as a reaction to these bullying? Actions speak louder than words.

Non-Ahmadi Muslims have to act like Muslims first and eradicate the elements of bullying from among themselves before they question others. They have utterly failed in that by keeping quiet for too long. The silent majority has to wake up now!

Ahmadi Muslims have been condemning this bullying which has no place in Islam for over 120 years. Visit to learn more about the Peaceful Islam.

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