What secularism and why secularism?

This blog post appeared in Tribune. It has touched upon many aspects of this topic but one important issue wasn’t touched.

Even if consider for a moment that theocratic state was an ideal solution, which religion or sect would that state follow? Islam has so many sects which are diagonally opposed to each other in their interpretation of Islam, it is practically impossible to come up with an unbiased theocratic state. The freedom of religion guaranteed in the Holy Quran is for all and not just for a select group of self-proclaimed Muslims. Hence we are left with no other choice but to separate religion and state for the functioning of a civilized society that maintains social harmony and freedom for all to practice their faith and interpretation of their religion without the fear of state persecution.

Ahmadi Muslims believe in separation of state and religion. Visit MuslimsForPeace.org to learn more about the Peaceful Islam.

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