My Comments on Where did the blasphemy law come from?

Here are my comments on Where did the blasphemy law come from?

Since Blasphemy law in its current form (295-C) has no basis in Islam it can be repealed in a single day. This law wasn’t created by masses nor the Pakistani general public asked for it.┬áIt needs courageous leader who is not afraid of a bunch of jahil maulvis (ignorant self-proclaimed scholars of Islam).

My second comment

This is not rocket science. Islam’s source is Quran and Sunnah (practice of the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be on him). Both sources are 100% opposite to the Blasphemy law of Pakistan.

Those who support blasphemy law are insulting Allah, Quran and Holy Prophet (peace be on him). They are the biggest blasphemers themselves. They promote extremism and anti-Islamic ideology of “holy war” to kill anyone who does not agree with them. They are the ones producing terrorists who consider all Pakistanis as potential target. And yes they are the same people from whom the Holy Prophet (peace be on him) warned the Ummah.

And yes they are the same people who were against the creation of Pakistan in the first place. They don’t teach us that in history lesson!

And yes they are the same people that Bhutto, Zia and Musharraf and every government used for their own benefit.

This jinni is now a giant beast and out of control. God bless Pakistan.

As you sow, so shall you reap.

My third comment

Whether Aasia is guilty or not is irrelevant. In Islam there is no punishment for blasphemy. If Pakistan was created in the name of Islam then it must cleanse itself from un Islamic laws created by jahil maulvis. However if Pakistan follows some other religion then the discussion is irrelevant. Do whatever pleases you.

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