Setting up email notification for Subversion commits on Linux CentOS

To setup email notifications when an svn commit is done to svn repository on a linux server, first you need to install perl module SVN::Notify

Once installed you’ll have a utility called svnnotify.

Under your repository’s hooks folder create a file post-commit

/usr/local/bin/svnnotify -r $REV -C -d -H HTML::ColorDiff \
-p $REPOS -t to-mail@domain.tld --from from-mail@domain.tld \
--reply-to reply-to@domain.tld

Make this script executable by web server and update the email addresses in the above script appropriately. To test the script execute this command

./post-commit path/to/your/repos #

where # is an actual revision number. And you’ll receive an email notification with details of that particular commit.

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