Clearing up Shariah misconceptions – and presenting true teachings of Islam

My letter published in local newspaper about Shariah misconceptions

(Re: ‘Shariah law goes against our law’ in the Nov. 10 edition of the Examiner and ‘Shariah law all about control’ in the Dec. 1 edition of the Examiner)

I hope you will give me a chance of free dialogue that we so much enjoy in Canada and allow me to respond to these letters, instead of publishing one-sided hate propaganda.

As an Ahmadi Muslim who has read the Qur’an from cover to cover, let me explain my understanding of Shariah law to those who have not read the Qur’an and use second-hand sources, or unfortunate malpractices of some cultures populated by Muslims.

Unfortunately, Shariah is a misunderstood concept both by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. As Muslims who believe in the Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, the

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has a clear vision to educate both Muslims and non-Muslims alike about the corruption that has crept into practices of Muslims in the name of Shariah, many of which are cultural practices of pre-Islamic era and have no basis in Quran.

In Islam, Shariah is comprised of five main branches: behaviour, morals and manners; ritual worship; beliefs; transactions and contracts, and; punishments.

The source of Shariah is only Qur’an and the conduct of Prophet Muhammad.

Anything else introduced by corrupt clergy over the time is not Shariah and has no basis in Islam, no matter how hard you try to justify.

Shariah law does not in anyway contravene Canadian laws because Shariah is not imposed on any unwilling person, not even on Muslims. The Qur’an has clearly put forth fundamental principle by saying ‘There is no coercion in religion (2:257)’.

I wonder why Monti Hannona failed to mention this clear verse of the Qur’an?

Ignorance of the actual teachings of Qur’an and the conduct of Prophet Muhammad, and on top of that cultural practices by some ignorant Muslims, which are highlighted in media, has created this scare about Shariah that it is some draconian law that will take away freedoms and liberties and force us into dark ages. All this is just borne out of ignorance.


Being a supporter of democracy means promoting knowledge and making informed rational arguments based upon knowledge and wisdom, rather than fear-mongering.

I’m shocked to read such absurd allegations are being made about Islamic teachings by Ms. Hannona in her letters with no reference to source.

If everyone starts attributing disgusting and criminals acts by some people to their religion, what kind of justice will that be? Just look around yourself and see what followers of other religions do.

Are they following their scriptures? It would be a shame to attribute them to their scriptures.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is working all over the globe to advocate equality, education and empowerment of women. Contrary to the allegations of those who have not read Qur’an, Islam does not allow honour killing.

Prophet Muhammad said the best among you is one who is best in treatment to your family and he showed it by his own example.

He also said that love of your country is part of your faith.

We love Canada and stand on guard for it.

It is not only our civic duty but religious duty as well. Anyone who thinks or acts otherwise is not following the true teachings of Qur’an.

Anywhere Muslims are creating discord in the name of Islam, they are in fact acting against the true teachings of their own religion.

Qur’an is an open book and I invite everyone to read it first before making judgment calls.

As regards to persecution of Ms. Hannona in Iraq, may I inform her of the persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Pakistan and other countries.

Is that persecution because of Islam?

Yes, but it is not supported by Islamic teachings. Ahmadi Muslims are being persecuted in these so-called Muslim countries because we represent the true teachings of the Qur’an. Iraq’s or Pakistan’s pre-Islamic cultures of intolerance have nothing to do with Qur’an or Islam. Instead of spreading hate, we should promote knowledge.

I have personally faced persecution in Pakistan at my school, at my university and at my job.

I know first-hand where that persecution comes from.

It comes from ignorance of the true teachings of Qur’an.

Ms. Hannona calls Canada a Christian land.

Where did she come up with this idea?

Canada is a pluralist and secular country. If she wants to make Canada a Christian land, she is doing exactly what Mullahs are doing in Pakistan and Iraq.

We came to Canada because of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Qur’an and Islam supports it.

If Ms. Hannona’s Iraqi culture is against it, we welcome her to Canada to live freely.

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