Kyrgyz Officials Reject Muslim Sect – Comment Responded

On the news item that “Kyrgyz Officials Reject Muslim Sect” an anti-Ahmadiyya propagandist posted the usual diatribe against Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Someone asked me to respond to it so I posted the following response:

Joshua Goldstein does not know anything about Islam and is trying to become a judge without any authority to decide who is a Muslim or not. Wow!

1) Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a Muslim sect who believes in the Messiah, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian. All other Muslims also believe that a Messiah will come in Islam. The only difference is that other Muslims are waiting forever while Ahmadi Muslims accepted the Messiah who came with Mighty Signs fulfilling prophecies of Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw)

2) Calling an open community like Ahmadiyya Muslim Community as cult in itself shows how shallow is Joshua Goldstein (a fake identity) trying to prove nothing! Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is an open community with its mosques open for all people to come and pray. There is nothing cultish about Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, however those who leave the community follow a cult called Anti-Ahmadiyya and follow secret rituals including lying and deceit for the purpose of suppressing truth. Looks like Joshua Goldstein is a member of that cult.

3) The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has published Holy Quran translation into English and 70 other languages and its translation has been praised to be best by Saudi authorities as well. There is no doubt that different sects will disagree on the translation. However if Ahmadiyya translation defends the Holy Quran and non-Ahmadi translations offend it, then it is pretty clear whose translation should be adopted.

4) Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is at the forefront of defending Islam and Muslims in every part of the world. They do not sit behind computer screens to malign others like Joshua Goldstein is doing here. They go out in public to spread the true message of peace of Islam. I’m myself involved in it so I know first hand. Muslims For Life, Muslims for Peace and Muslims for Loyalty are some of the latest campaigns run by thousands of volunteers of Ahmadiyya Muslims. Nowhere in any campaign any Muslim has been maligned. However if Joshua Goldstein likes to praise terrorists and supports terrorists ideologies and call them Islamic then shame on such people who malign Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

Peace to all who follow the guidance.

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  1. There is a Kyrgiz Jamia student who came here to learn all the way from Kyrgistan. He says that about 100 people take baiat every week there. subhanAllah, mukhalifat leads to expansion of the Jama’at.

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