This is my first post using iPhone (wordpress app). Last week I finally jumped on the iPhone bandwagon. Although I changed my desktop computing to Apple’s Mac last year I wasn’t sure if I really needed Apple’s iPhone as well.

Being a developer and manager in IT in the last few months iphone came up more than once as an important tool to access web services. Having used blackberry for 4 years this is indeed a welcome change and I’m hopefull I’ll be more productive. At least I can blog on the go 😉

Some of the things that have impressed me are, in no particular order, the enormous amount of apps from games and web services to video news and live tv channels, the slick touch interface and gestures, tethered Internet over 3G (I have 6GB plan as a past deal from my provider), geolocation, imap access to email, and web browsing like never before in Safari. Plus thanks to a great number of hackers my iPhone has a lot more features now including ssh and running programs in the background 😉

There is still a lot of room for improvement e.g. multiple signatures in email, mutiple from addresses with from names, plugins in safari are much needed.

Currently I’m looking into developing iPhone apps myself and the future looks bright as iPad is coming out this month. Fingers crossed.