BBC Urdu succumbs to terrorists of Pakistan? No more unbiased reporting?

It appears that BBC Urdu has stopped doing fair reporting. Instead of calling Ahmadi Mosques as Mosques, they are now under the influence of extremists and terrorist and calling a mosque as “place of worship”. This can be seen in recent news reporting after the massacre of nearly 100 Ahmadi Muslims in Lahore.

Evidence one: Calling mosque a mosque in old reporting

Evidence two: Not calling a mosque a mosque |  Still Not calling mosque a mosque

It is a shame for BBC for not upholding its old traditions of unbiased reporting. It appears that BBC Urdu staff is under the influence of terrorist and un-Islamic ideologies of Maudoodi and the like. They not only insulted the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community by calling the Islamic funeral prayers of its martys in Lahore mosques as “aakhri rasoomat” but crossed into yellow journalism as well by using these new terms.

Where should one complain about this prejudice by British Broadcasting Corporation?