How can Mirza Ghulam Ahmad be Isa bin Maryam (Jesus son of Mary)? His name is not Isa bin Maryam?

He is Isa bin Maryam just like Holy Prophet (saw) prophesised. In religious world prophecies are never meant literally and are always metaphorically described, otherwise there will be no value of eeman (faith) if everything is written in black and white. Look at the entire history of religion. The name of the Holy Prophet (saw) is written in bible but not exactly like Muhammad but in meaning. Even the Holy Quran calls him Ahmad but his name is Muhammad (saw):


And call to mind when Jesus, son of Mary, said, ‘O children of Israel, surely, I am Allah’s Messenger unto you, fulfilling that which is before me of the prophecies of the Torah, and giving glad tidings of a Messenger who will come after me, his name being Ahmad. And when he came to them with clear proofs, they said, this is manifest sorcery.’ (61:6/7)


See Holy Quran even witnesses to the fact that even with clear proofs people called it manifest sorcery. Even the arrival of Messiah in Jews had metaphorical prophecies. This is why Jews are still waiting for their Messiah because they want those prophecies to be literally fulfilled. They also take things literally and waiting for Elijah to come down from the sky, whereas Isa bin Maryam himself told them that John the Baptist is Elijah and no one will come down from the sky like they are expecting. This is the answer he gave them, how can one expect now that he himself would do the same which he rejected?


When Holy Prophet (saw) was asked that he should go to the sky and bring a book, he said but I’m a human being and a prophet (Holy Quran 17:92/93) why he gave that answer? Because a prophet of Allah is a human being and he cannot go bodily to the sky. Otherwise this answer will not make any sense.


You should think on this a bit more why Messiah and Mahdi was to come? Holy Prophet (saw) said a lot of things about the time when he was/is to come. One of his prime objectives is to bring the Muslims back to true Islam. Holy Prophet (saw) prophesised that Muslims and their scholars would have gone astray. Lots of Ahadith on this subject that can be provided later. So if scholars were corrupt and Muslims following them would be corrupt, would there not be a problem in recognizing the true Messiah and Mahdi? Of course. That is why many learned scholars of Islam predicted centuries ago that Messiah and Mahdi will face severe persecution from the Ulema and will be called Kaffir that is destroying their religion. References available.

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  1. The reference of Holy Quran qouted by you explains the issue very clearly that the Holy Prophet was given a name AHMAD and it is a well known fact that the Holy Prophet has more than one characteristic names including Muhammad and Ahmad.Almighty Allah created His last Prophet the most beautiful Person and thus named him Muhammad SAW (the most admired). Also He named him Ahmad in His books for the Prophets before the Holy Prophet SAW.
    It is a well known fact that the Christians at the time the Holy Prophet SAW was born recognised His prophecy by just after he was born inspite of the fact that he didnt declare himself as Prophet.How the Charistians came to know the name of the Holy Prophet as Ahmad if His name was Muhammad Saw as you qouted earlier.It proves the fact that the Holy Prophet has both the names one from His Almighty Allah and other from his mother as naturally every person gets a name as he is born.
    Concluding there is no mentioning of Mr Mirza name in anywhere in Quran and Hadith that Allah will send a new “Prophet” with the name Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a replacement for Isa bin Maryam. Also it doesnt make sense that a person, who was born in a natural way every human is created in this World, claims to be an equivalent to a Personality whose birth is a miracle of Almighty Allah without the father.
    Hope its the answer of your Question but what it needs is to understand and think positively.

  2. Thank you for supporting my argument that Holy Prophet (saw) has more than one characteristic names including Ahmad. He is also called Bashir and Nazir. He is also Rahmatulil Alimeen. He is also Khatam-un-Nabiyeen.

    That was the whole point! Isa bin Maryam is a characteristic name, Imam Mahdi is his another title. In 1980s a man named Muhammad son of Abdullah claimed to be Imam Mahdi in Saudi Arabia (fulfiling many Ahadith literally as you would like them to be) but he was killed by the Saudi Police/Army. I hope you remember this incident or someone can dig out the news. So there goes the Imam Mahdi if you follow things literally!

    And your argument to find the name of Mirza sahib in Quran or Hadith holds no value. That was the whole point! Isa bin Maryam is a characteristic name not the actual Isa bin Maryam that died like all other human beings and prophets. So why do we need to find Mirza sahib’s name when this is against the whole point of having a characteristic name? Mirza sahib’s claim is not that he is equivalent to Isa bin Maryam. His claim is that he is the person prophecised as Isa bin Maryam not the old Isa bin Maryam.

    As a side note, what is wrong with having a devout follower of Holy Prophet (saw) within the Ummah to be Isa than borrowing Isa from the Ummah of Moses (Hazrat Musa) peace be upon him? Let’s think positively and we can understand that Holy Prophet’s teachings can make an Ummati a prophet and of course he will be a subordinate prophet just like all Muslims expect Isa to be and Mirza sahib claimed nothing more than that.

    Your negative thinking concludes that following the Law of Moses (Torah), Isa bin Maryam became a prophet within the Ummah of Moses (Hazrat Musa) – however the Final and PERFECT Shariah and Teachings of Holy Prophet (saw) cannot make an Ummati a prophet?

    More on this subject later.

  3. Forgot to mention that there is a related blog entry on this subject: Parables in Holy Quran which is a guidance for the righteous

    Another important related subject with Isa bin Maryam’s second coming is of Dajjal and Yajooj Majooj. That subject is discussed in the same Ahadith. Those Ahadith have already been fulfiled as anyone can see.


    If anyone wants to take the Ahadith literally about Dajjal and Yajooj Majooj, then it is your choice. The religious history and Holy Quran does not support such ideas, and it becomes quite contrary to the basic teachings of Islam. And if you take their meanings then it becomes clear like a daylight that Isa bin Maryam in Ahadith is also allegorically mentioned.

  4. I didnt say that Isa bin Maryam is a characteristic name as it is his real name but you are just trying not to understand but confuse very simple things. its a fact that Mr Mirza is nothing but a Fraud on the basis of Jews and Charistions to weaken the teachings of Islam. How can Mr Mirza be the Prophet or Imam as there is no peace in the world, noone broke the cross, no appearance of Dajjal and Mr Mirza is not here, He was born in 1830s and died in 1908 how he lived for 40 years as is mentioned in Hadith, do you think the lion and deer are eating and drinking together?do you think there is only one religion Islam?
    Its all what is true but I cant make you come to the right path but my duty is to inform you. Hidaya is from Almighty who can do what He wants.
    I was hopeful that you will take the things positively and seriously but you are trying to decieve me but you really dont know you are decieving yourself. keep thinking as there is very little time left when everyone will have to pay for their deeds.
    Muslims are always clear and fair they never get hidden as you do just to get admitted in schools, colleges and universities.A person who cant defend himself, cant prove his identity rather tries to hide his identity can never be trusted.
    Thank you very much for all this it helped a lot to get it confirmed that Its a fact Hidaya can be given to those who desire it.Thanks for making me strong in my believes although I was alone in this discusion but I know Truth can never be defeated.

  5. Your above response shows that you did not even bother to read my response. Shows what kind of Hidaya you follow. Surely it is not based on Holy Quran and not in the teachings of Holy Prophet (saw). So any such Hidaya which leads to Kuffar, you can keep it yourself.

    Your response reminds me of Kuffar who used to abuse Holy Prophet (saw) similarly. Alas but you have not bothered to read Holy Quran.

    Your Islam is to lie, kill others, declare other Muslim Kaffir, and pray on the graves. So who is Fraud? We know.

    How can Mirza sahib be fraud when your own elders accept that He was the most devout follower of Holy Prophet (saw) and biggest defender of Islam against the attacks of Christians and Hindus and other Kuffar.

    Either you are a fraud or all your elders and mullahs are fraud. Make your choice!

  6. If Mr Mirza is not Fraud and my elders did accept his “devotion” why you dont like to open up? why Govt of Paksitan declared you nonmuslim with athenticity of all muslim countries? where are the signs proved after So called Mahdi came which are described by Holy Prophet SAW? It is a fact that people acting upon Quran and Sunnah are the most brave people who have no fear of anything according to Holy Quran, then why you all try to call yourself Muslims why not Ahmadi Muslims? I am the student of a technical institution and know a lot of your fellows who first try to hide themselves but when truth displayed everywhere they tried to convince others that they dont believe in Mr Mirza being promised Masieh or what so ever? what is this??????how many of the muslims respond like this?????????????
    Just understand positively what is Islam I am 200% sure the forum I am discussing with doesnt belong to litterate people who can think.
    You are the people about whom Quran says “they cant see even they have eyes, they cant understand even they have brains” why because you didnt try to and keep one thing in mind Almighty Allah never helps a person who is not desirous of Hidaya.It is His blessing for all humans that He saved Holy Quran so that noone can argue on the day of Judgement.
    Last thing I didnt call you Kafir even if I know but You called me Kafir without any proof, so according to Islam a person calling a Muslim a Kafir will himself be out of Islam if the person he called as Kafir is not Kafir. If you dont understand this and anwer me in a way not to get my words or try to take something irrelevant and illogical it will make Sure this forum is just based on Fraud to trap innocent people.
    A last request can I take a book on autobiography of Mr Mirza which must have all what he did in his life, the messenger of God who took His messages to Mirza Sahb etc etc?????????????????

  7. Oh My God. You claim to be a student of a technical institute and you are the one of the most illiterate person I have encountered in ages. The problem with people like you is that you have not even the basic knowledge of Islam and life of Holy Prophet (saw) and have such a high ego that if someone asks you to read Holy Quran you turn your attention away and start reading fabricated stories told by Maulvis. (see the other thread where you failed to answer the verses of the Holy Quran that prove Isa bin Maryam died like all other human beings and prophets)

    You asked “why you dont like to open up?” The question is why you have banned Ahmadiyya Muslim Community if we are liars? You are the one who is hiding the truth and have put legal hurdles on us, banned our books, and have made the very existence of Ahmadi Muslims a crime punishable by death (PPC 298 and 295). Is this the Islam taught by Holy Prophet (saw) that you practice? The second answer is why did Holy Prophet (saw) and his followers migrated from Mecca? Why did they took refuge in Habsha first and then in Medina? Islam does not say that you kill yourself stupidly.

    Here is enough proof that we are following the path of Holy Prophet (saw):

    Which also proves that all opponents of Islam Ahmadiyyat are following the path of Kuffar. If you are not then condemn it bravely and openly.

    Third answer is that if we are liars you should have exposed our books and should not have put a ban. The very fact that you put a ban and at the same time do a completely baseless and false propaganda against us without giving us any chance to reply shows that you are hiding the truth. If you have an iota of love for truth, go and read the 82 books Mirza sahib that he wrote in praise of Allah (swt), Holy Quran, Holy Prophet (saw) and Islam and provided such a great literature that is being used all over the world to convert non-Muslims to Islam. Here they are:

    Have you even read one book from start to end? You have not even read the message and rejected it already? What kind justice is that?

    Your second question is “why Govt of Paksitan declared you nonmuslim with athenticity of all muslim countries?” Here is a quick answer to this:

    Also tell me on what authority did they declare us non-Muslim? Have you ever investigated it in detail? What kind of Hidaya is this that is not rooted in Holy Quran and Hadith? They had neither the authority nor any validity to declare Ahmadi Muslims as non-Muslims. Why they sealed the discussion of 1974 National Assembly where lies of your mullahs came up open and the other members of National Assembly laughed at them.

    You can also watch this detailed video series on what actually happened in the National Assembly of Pakistan in 1974:

    No one has any answer to this. The videos are full of references from Holy Quran, Hadith and Islamic literature that Ahmadis are true Muslims and 1974 was a staged drama. You are only been fed with lies and propaganda! So much lies that every response of yours show hatred and prejudice for Mirza sahib and Ahmadi Muslims.

    Your third question was “Where are the signs proved after So called Mahdi came which are described by Holy Prophet SAW”. I am once again amazed on your love for truth and Hidaya. Dear don’t deceive yourself. I already provided answer to this question and here it is again:

    Rest of your comments are just full of hate and propaganda and hold no value. If you want to give Hidaya as you claim so then refrain from using insulting language and do not talk without any proofs. I can also give example of your fellow Muslims on what they do will you take them under your responsibility and declare that Islam is a false religion?

    Last thing you talked about calling you Kaffir? Where? Don’t lie dear. It will not lead you truth. Don’t put words in my mouth. I have not called you Kaffir. I have only said that if you leave Holy Quran and Holy Prophet (saw) it will take you to Kuffar. Is that wrong thing to say? Now declare openly that you do not consider Ahmadi Muslims as non-Muslims/Kaffir, so that I can see that if you fall under the verdict of Holy Prophet (saw) or not.

    For Mirza sahib’s biography and life history, you can find many books and articles here:

  8. If anyone wishes to continue the discussion, please make sure to answer all the questions and references posted above. If you cannot show respect here then there is no place for you here.

    Also no repeating the same point which has already been refuted. Mr. Waseem continues to post abuse and irrelevant topics when he finds himself speechless. This will not be allowed here. Mr. Waseem try again but this time make sure you show respect in your writing.

    The fact that not all the signs were found in Ibn-e-Siyyad shows that Holy Prophet (saw) and his companions considered the Dajjal’s signs requiring interpretation and not as literal fulfillment as you expect them to be. Otherwise how could Hazrat Umar (ra) consider him to be Dajjal when the description of Dajjal did not fit on him?!

    If you want to continue meaningful discussion then write all the signs of the Dajjal and show us how those can fit on a single person. You must be joking! But Holy Prophet (saw) did not joke. It was a prophecy which has been fulfilled and has put a stamp on the truthfulness of the Holy Prophet (saw).

  9. Also for Mr. Waseem, please tell us about the donkey of the Dajjal whose ears will be 70 yards apart! (Mishkat) Also tell us how he will carry Jannah with him (Bukhari). Yes, please list all the descriptions found in Ahadith and then show us how they will fit on a single person. 😉

    We have already described how the description of Dajjal fits perfectly that any literate and illiterate person can understand (again right according to the Hadith that even illiterate person will be able to “read” k f r on his forehead!) But if you insist on disbelief that is your choice.

    Also prove how illiterate person can read k f r! 🙂

    Dear the purpose of this blog entry was to show that prophecies are never meant to be literal. I believe I have provided enough evidence from Quran, Hadith and religious history to prove my point. Even the prophecies themsevles show enough signs that they cannot be taken literally, otherwise they will become a joke, and that is what mullahs want to make them.

  10. Mashallah, mashallah. You are a great champion of Islam (admin). You are a great defender, and as you speak you have WELL versed yourself with the Qur’an, and the Hadith and everything. I am very proud of you. Once again, Mashallah. This is what is going to get Jama’at-e-Ahmaiyya out to people. The method of Internet :P.

    Anywho, I would like to comment aswell: I am writing a small book or long article (how ever you take it) and I want to name it: Signs for the Authentication of the Promised Messiah, and in that, I want to point out all the Prophecies that point to his validity. And what I am planning is to get books from all sources and all persons to show that. In the following, I am going to use a book from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, and this portion I have named it “Millennium Proofs” and this is what I have quoted from Lecture Sialkot, from page 7 to 10. (Have selected only noteworthy paras from the speech)

    Millennium Proofs
    1. “Yet another proof of the authenticity of his Prophet-hood is that the scriptures of all the Prophets (as) as well as the Holy Quran show that, from Adam to the end, God has ordained the age of the world to be seven thousand years, with a thousand years period both for light and for darkness. In other words, there is a period for righteousness to prevail and a period in which evil and misguidance reign supreme.
    According to the periods of one thousand years each; the first of these periods was dominated by guidance during which there was no sign of idol-worship. This was followed by another period, also lasting a thousand years, in which all kind of idol-worship took root and Shirk [associating partners with God] became rampant and spread in every land. In the third millennium, the foundation for Tauhid [belief in the oneness food] was laid afresh and it spread in the world as far as God willed. Then, during the fourth millennium, darkness reappeared; the Israelites went astray and Christianity died right at its birth, as if its birth and death had taken place at the same time.
    Then came the fifth millennium, which was the age of guidance. The advent of our Holy Prophet (sa) took place in this millennium. Through him God re-established Tauhid in the world. The mere fact that he appeared in the millennium which had been destined for guidance since eternity, is enough to prove that he was from God. This is not only my view, but all the Divine scriptures testify to it. This fact also proves the authenticity of my own claim of being the Promised Messiah, because, according to this division of periods, the sixth millennium is the time of darkness and evil. This thousand year period starts three hundred years after the Hijrah and ends at the turn of the fourteenth century. The Holy Prophet (sa) has designated those belonging to the sixth millennium as Faij-e-A ‘waj [Misguided Hordes]
    The seventh millennium in which we live is that of light and gauidance. Since it is the last millennium, it was inevitable that the Imam of the latter days should be born at the turn of this millennium. After him, there is no Imam or no Messiah except the one who comes in his image, for in this millennium the world comes to an end as all Prophets (as) have testified. This Imam whom God has designated as the Promised Messiah, is the Mujaddid [Reformer] of this century as well as of the last millennium. Even the Christians and the Jews do agree that, counting from the time of Adam, the present millennium is the seventh. God has disclosed to me the time of Adam, as calculated upon the numerical values of the letters of Surah Al-‘Asr [The Time]. This too proves that we are now in the seventh millennium.
    All Prophets (as) are in agreement that the Promised Messiah would be born at the end of thesixth millennium and make his appearance at the turn of the seventh, for he would be the last to come, as Adam was the first. Adam was born on the sixth day, during the last hour of Friday. Since a day in the estimation of God is equivalent to a thousand years of the world, it was on account of the above resemblance that God decreed for the Promised Messiah to be born at the end of the sixth millennium, which can be liked to the end of the day.
    As there is a resemblance between the first and the last, God created the Promised Messiah in the likeness of Adam. Adam was born a twin on a Friday, and I – The Promised Messiah – was also born a twin on a Friday. My birth was preceded by the birth of a twin sister. Such a birth points to the consummation of Wilayat [Sainthood].
    The fact that I have appeared in the millennium specified by the Prophets (as) is a testimony to my truth.
    Surah Al-Hajj: And they demanded of thee to hasten on the punishment, but Allah will never break His promise. Verily, a day with thy Lord is as a thousand years of your reckoning. [Al-Hajj, The Pilgrimage, 22:48]
    Suran Al-Sajdah: He will plan His Ordinance from the heaven unto the Earth, then will it go up to Him in a day the duration of which is a thousand years according as you reckon. [Al-Sajdah, The Adoration, 32:6]
    [Promised Messiah, Lecture Sialkot, pg 7 – 10]

  11. Another prophecy of the coming of the Promised Messiah are, (once again quoted from Lecture Sialkot) note: speech was given by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself, he was a very devout Muslim that he had put the WHOLE of the Holy Qur’an to Memory, as if to ask him what verse would this verse be, and he would be able to tell you off mind. He was most literate in the Holy Qur’an, no one was comparable.

    This is what I have:

    The Hour of the End (Promised Messiah’s coming)

    When it is said that no one knows the Hour of Resurrection, it does not imply that nothing can possibly know about it. … God Almighty has said in the Holy Quran that in the latter days canals would flow, books and newspapers would be published in large numbers and camels would fall into disuse. We find that all these prophesies have come to be fulfilled in our time. (Speech given in 1904, so basically that time and onwards, not literally 1904, talking in general sense)

    Camels, for instance, have been replaced by railway as a means of commercial transport. (And now Cars, Motorcycles, Subways/Metro, Airplanes, Etc). We can, therefore, conclude that the Day of Resurrection is close at hand. In the verse “The Hour has drawn nigh.” (Al-Qamar, The Moon, 54:2 ).

    God is Omnipotent, and after the lapse of a thousand years, He can add a few more centuries, for fractions do not count in such calculations. It is just like the period of pregnancy which can at times be prolonged. Just consider that although most babies are born within a period of nine months and ten days, still no one knows the exact hour when the labour pain will begin.

    Furthermore, it is mentioned in the Holy Quran that in those days many mines and hidden things will be dug out of the earth, the eclipse of the Sun and the Moon shall take place, and the plague shall spread far and wide, and camels will be rendered useless, because a new mode of transportation would appear to replace them. This is what we see today. All commerce and trade which was conducted in the past by means of camels is now being carried on through railways. (Now cars, trains, planes, etc). The time approaches fast when pilgrims too will travel to Madina by train and will fulfill the prophecy mentioned in the Hadith: And the she-camels shall be abandoned for riding.

    To sum up, these are the signs of the latter days which have been fulfilled word for word, thus proving that the present era is the last era of the world.
    [Promised Messiah, Lecture Sialkot, pg 12 -15]

  12. Also, another question that was posed to him was “why should we need any Reformer?”
    He answered (from Lecture Sialkot, page 28-29)

    Why should we need any Reformer?
    Some Muslims entertain the illusion that they need not believe in any Promised Messiah. They say, ‘We do accept that Jesus (as) has died, but as we are already Muslims, and offer Prayers and keep Fast and follow the injunctions of Islam, why then should we need any Reformer?’

    Remember, such people are greatly mistaken. How, in the first place, can they claim to be Muslims when they do not obey the command of God and the Holy Prophet (sa)? The command they were given was to hasten to the Promised Imam as soon as he appears, and to present themselves before him even if they have to crawl upon snow to do so, but they have been totally heedless to this command.

    These people, ‘They are like the sly fellow who keeps his eyes shut in broad daylight and cries, ‘Where is the sun?’ O’ you who deceive yourself, open your eyes first, only then you will behold the sun!
    [Promised Messiah, Lecture Sialkot, pg 28 – 29]

    I would like to say that even after seeing this many proof and fulfilment of prophecies come true about a person, you still dont believe in him, then what can be made of you? The result would be just like the person who intentionally closes his eyes, dont you think?

    And as you know, the Great Moses (as) was also a great law-bearing prophet and Jesus was the Messiah whose advent was foretold for that time. Here are the Resemblances of Holy Prophet’s(sa) Islam to the religion of Moses (as). This is all quoted from Lecture Sialkot, page 15-17 and pg 20-21.

    1. Allah the Almighty has promised in the Holy Quran that the Holy Prophet’s (sa) Prophet-hood shall bear a close resemblance to the era of Moses (as), both with regards to its beginning and its end. The first of these similarities was with regard to the first era – the era of the Holy Prophet (sa) himself; and the other similarity was to appear in the latter days.

    The first similarity is that just as Moses (as) was granted a final victory against Pharaoh and his hordes, so was the Holy Prophet (sa) granted a decisive victory against Abu Jahl – the Pharaoh of his age – and his hordes. God destroyed them all and established Islam in the Arabian peninsula, and by the help of God this prophecy came true: “Verily, We have sent to you a Messenger, who is a witness over you, even as We sent a Messenger to Pharaoh.” (Al-Muzammil, Enwrapped, 73:16]

    The similarity relating to the latter days is that god Almighty sent a Prophet in the last days of the Mosaic dispensation, who was against Jihad, had nothing to do with religious warfare, and preached forgiveness and mercy. And Jesus (as) had appeared at a time when the moral condition of Israelites has badly deteriorated and their character and conduct were thoroughly corrupted. They had also lost their kingdom and lived under the dominion of the Roman Empire. Jesus (as) had appeared at the turn of the fourteeth century after Moses (as), since the chain of Israelite Prophets came to an end with him; he was such the last link in the Israelite Prophet-hood.

    In the same manner, God has sent me in the spirit and character of Jesus son of Mary (as), in these latter days of the dispensation of the Holy Prophet (sa), and has held in abeyance the practice of Jihad just as it was prophesied that it would be suspended at the time of the Promised Messiah. Moreover, I have been endowed with the teaching of forgiveness and forbearance. I have come at a time when the inner condition of most Muslims has deteriorated quite like the Jews. True spirituality is lost and mere form and rituals have taken place.
    [Promised Messiah, Lecture Sialkot, pg 15 -17]

    2. Yet another resemblance which God Almighty has created between the Messiah to come and the former Messiah is that just as the former Messiah – Jesus (as) – came at the turn of the fourteenth century after Moses (as), so did the last Mesiah appear at the turn of the fourteenth century after the Holy Prophet (sa). He appeared at a time when Muslims had lost their empire in India and were ruled by the British, just as Jesus (as) had appeared at a time when the Israelite kingdom had declined and the Jews were living under the Roman Empire.

    The Promised Messiah of this umma bears yet another resemblance o Jesus (as), for just as Jesus (as) was not fully an Israelite, and was only so from his mother’s side, so were some of my foremothers from among the Sadat (the Holy Prophet’s descendants through his daughter Hadrat Fatima (ra), though my forefathers were not. The underlying reason as to why God did not choose that an Israelite male should father Jesus (as) was that God Almighty was greatly displeased with the Israelites for their excessive sins. This sign was shown to them as a warning, whereby a mother gave birth without the participation of a father. It was as if Jesus (as) was left with only one of the two roots necessary for being an Israelite.

    In short, to establish a complete similarity between the dispensations of Moses (as) and Mohammed (sa), a Promised messiah was needed who would fulfill all these conditions, so that, just as the Islamic dispensation began with a Prophet resembling Moses (as), it should end with a Prophet resembling Jesus (as), and that the latter part of the dispensation should resemble the earlier part.
    [Promised Messiah, Lecture Sialkot, pg 20 – 21]

  13. Peace ya all..

    If Mr Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the Messiah which was prophesied by the Messenger s.a.w., did Mr Mirza Ghulam Ahmad fulfill those prophecies?

    Let’s just start with one prophecy. The Messiah shall break the cross. What does this means? literally, or metaphorically? either way, how did Mr Mirza Ghulam Ahmad fulfill this prophecy?

    I hope you can shed some light.

    Allah knows best!

    1. This prophecy is indeed metaphorical otherwise it will become a joke that a prophet of Allah travels around the world breaking crosses physically while Christians keep on making new crosses. If you read the books written by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (a.s.) you’ll see that the Cross which represents Christian Beliefs has been broken. Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (a.s.) has presented such irrefutable arguments against the doctrines of Christianity such as atonement etc. that anyone who reads them with pure mind will have no doubt left in the truthful teachings of Islam, Holy Quran and Holy Prophet (saw). A sample of this is available in June 2010 eGazette – Islam and Christianity

  14. yeah, I get it that prophecies are metaphor.. but what you do is you put two and two together, you are justifying what mr Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did with the prophecy..

    … M. Rahmatullah Kairanvi broke the doctrine of Christianity too. He even held a public debate in which Pfander (the Christian representative) chose to withdraw from the debate..

    1. Good for Rahmatullah Kairanvi. I’m sure there are many great scholars in Islam who have debated with Christians over the history and still do. But what happened after the public debate with Pfander? Did Rahmatullah Kairanvi initiate any movement to start converting Christians to Islam? Did he also claim that he is the Messiah appointed by God? Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (peace be on him) not only claimed that he is the Messiah, he also challenged everyone to see the signs shown in his favour by Allah because he was appointed by Allah on this status. You can read the details of many such signs in his biography ( that drew people towards him in great numbers and accepted him and are still accepting him in millions each year from all around the world including Christians. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community founded by him is at the forefront of the real Jihad of spreading peaceful teachings of Islam to the world.

      2 = 2 is a simple mathematic fact but if one insists on not accepting 2 = 2 then that shows one’s moral and mental bankruptcy.

  15. It is quite sad state of affairs of non-Ahmadi Muslims. When you present them verses of the holy Quran they do not pay any attention to them but start talking about something else. For example when you tell them Holy Quran clearly tells us that Jesus son of Mary is not alive and died like all other prophets and human beings they will reject all verses of the Holy Quran by saying that since Ahadith say Jesus will come so he must be the old one and still alive. It is quite sad that non-Ahmadi Muslims do not have any regard for the words of Allah. This is why their was the need of Mahdi and Messiah to bring Muslims back closer to Allah and His Words.

    And when they talk about Ahadith they will also selectively talk about them, whereas Ahadith also tell us clearly that the Jesus which was to come in the Muslim Ummah is not the old one. Ahadith talk about the physical appearance of old Jesus son of Mary and the Jesus which was to come in the Ummah as completely different persons.

    Alas only few pay heed to the call of Allah.

  16. Moreover,replying to wearemuslims, the doctrine on which Christianity raised was Atonement. In simple words it was the belief that Jesus was the physical son of God (God forbid) and that he died for the sins of mankind. And finally he rose from dead to be raised to the skies. Christian missionaries have spread these erroneous notions in the past 1000 years. But it was Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian who shattered all these myths from the Bible and other authentic historical references including Hindu religious literature which captures the visit of Jesus and travelling to various parts of the country post the event of Crucifixion. Fact is you won’t be able to understand the depth of this great work and understand the meaning of the breaking of cross and killing of swine unless you read the book “Jesus in India” by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Even an average reader would surrender to the sound rational,proofs and testimonials accounted for in this great book. A German Christian writer named Holger Kersten himself researched his whole life and wrote a book “Jesus lived in India” and he had the guts and the honesty too to acknowledge the fact that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was the first person in world history who proved this truth. What cana better breaking of cross be than the fact that a Christian writer writes a book testifying to a theory which would annihilate his religion for ever because death of Jesus means death of Christianity.

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