Were members of National Assembly of Pakistan capable to decide if Ahmadis are not Muslim?

This is from the official record of 1974 discussion that was held to discuss the “Qadiani” issue. On page 256 on the second day of discussion, before going on a recess when the Ahmadiyya delegation left the room, this point was raised by Abdul Hameed Jatoi: (English translation follows)


Abdul Hameed Jatoi: Sir Chairman, we have come to know since yesterday that we are sitting here in the house as judge and we will decide. I understand that our position is like that if a non-advocate is appointed as the judge of the High Court and he gives out fatwa as a judge. My submission is this that if we were expert of Islam, or we had studied Islam, or we were professors of Islam, then you can expect us to give out fatwa. But in this situation as a lay-man it is very difficult for us to become judge.

Chairman: You are not supposed to give fatwa, you have to decide.

Abdul Hameed Jatoi: Have to decide?

Chairman: Have to decide.

Abdul Hameed Jatoi: How can you give a right to decide to someone who does not even know the law that he is going to decide on?

I rest my case!

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  1. salam
    you have brought to light records that are seldom presented in Public rather they have been kept under the blanket by successive regimes in pakistan . Invaluable And Pure Rationality reflects through the discourse within the Assembly member and Chairman showing how flawed were the standards for Session which led to the declaration of Ahmadi’s As Non-muslims . Blessing of Allah be Upon you

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