Declaration when getting passport in Pakistan – A new Kalma created in Islam

Most sensible people know about the subject matter and agree what a political stunt it was when Bhutto government declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims without even discussing the topic of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat on the basis of which they made the constitutional amendement, but there are still some ignorant souls who try to justify it even though it is completely against the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.  A little comment I posted after glancing through this ignorant’s post and comment

Holy Prophet (saw) said that 72 will be separate and hell bound and one will be on his path. You may try as much as you want but you can’t reverse that Hadith now. The munir inquiry report of 1953 is enough to show the true face of non-Ahmadi scholars and their definition of Muslim. Come up with one definition for God sake!

And congratulations to Pakistani Muslims on their new Kalma and creating your own new creed! What should we call it now? Pakistani Islam version 1974? Obviously it can’t be called the Islam of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) after all the changes it has gone through.

And as for the hadith you quoted on agreement, it does not apply since Ahmadis are not part of that decision. Nice try but total failure.

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