Muslim TV Ahmadiyya in North America on AMC3

MTA in North America has new technical data for channel tuning. The new information is as follows:

Center Frequency: 0986.000 MHz
Symbol Rate: 08.3331Ms
Viterbi Rate: 2/3
Polarity: Vertical
Spectral Inversion: Auto
Filter Roll Off: 20%

Also the new channel line up for launch on Feb 29 is as follows:

Ch. No. 1: MTA One
Ch. No. 2: MTA +3 (3hr delayed MTA One for West Coast)
Ch. No. 3: MTA Al Arabia
Ch. No. 4. InfoCast & Program Guide
Ch. No. 5: MTA Translation (English)
Ch. No. 6: MTA Translation (Arabic)
Ch. No. 7: MTA Translation (French)
Ch. No. 8: MTA Translation (Bengla)

Other technical data that has not changed

AMC 3 satellite is at 87.0°W
The beam is in Ku, so you need Ku band LNB


The most interesting info is that now if we miss a program on MTA One, we can catch it on MTA+3. And can even record them if need be. 🙂 BTW, if you do not have dish/satellite receiver, or it is not working, you can still watch MTA 24/7 on the web at

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  1. We are located in Lloydminster AB. Here are the tips/configurations of getting MTA because MTA signal is very weak:

    LNBF Type: Linear 10750
    Dish Size: 39 inches diameter

    On a viewsat reciever:

    LNB Frequency: 11600
    TP Frequency: 11733 (You have to add it manually)
    Symbol Rate: 8333
    Viterbi Rate: 2/3
    Polarity: Vertical

    Now pointing the TP Frequency (11733) allign your dish and it is almost the same direction as BEV. When you will get the signal quality about 23% scan the selected TP. You will get all MTA Channels(Insha’Allah)

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