Non-Ahmadi Islam – is this better Islam?

While doing discussion on important topics where I presented verses of the Holy Quran and Traditions of the Holy Prophet (saw) to prove a point, finding it difficult to answer those non-Ahmadis usually end up with abuses. This has been the history since the arrival of the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi (as). Since the other party was not willing to do a meaningful dialogue, I had to show them mirror. This is a sample of their Islamic beliefs (references provided).

Shirk is Islam: Hazrat Ali is God (Tazakaratul Aimma, pg 9). Hazrat Ali is son of God (Nau Ratan, pg. 36). The dead are parties with God in superhuman deeds. (Ahmad Raza Barelvi, Ahkaam al Shariah, vol. 2, pg 155)

Blasphemy of Allah (swt) is Islam: ‘It is not necessary that the power of God should be more than that of a human being’ (Ashiq Ali Merathi, Tazkirah al Khalil). ‘do not believe that God is incapable of lying’ (Maulvi Muhammad Ismael, Yak Rozi, pg. 45)

Degrading Angels is Islam: ‘falling in love with women, consuming alcohol, committing homicide and adultery’. (Hasan, Maulvi Ahmad, Tafseer Ahsan al Tafaseer, vol VI, pg 108/109)

Desecrating Quran is Islam: ‘permissible to write the Surah Fatihah with blood and urine’. (Rudd al Mohtala Rad al Mukhtar Shami)

Blasphemy of Prophets is Islam: about Hazrat Daud ‘became infatuated with a woman he saw naked in her garden and he sent her husband to battle to get killed and thus he married her’. (Tafseer Jami al Bayan)

Corruption in Holy Quran is Islam: about Surah Walaayah ‘Shi’ite Quran (which they secretly confide to one another, while hiding it from the general public as an act of taqiyyah)’ (Khateeb, Muhibbudeen al: Al Khutoot al ‘Areedah, pg 15)

Lying is allowed in Islam: reference will be provided upon request.

May Allah (swt) save us from such Islam!

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