Isa bin Maryam (Jesus son of Mary) and Learned and Eminent Scholars of Islam

Here is a list of Islamic scholars who agree with the Ahmadiyya view that Isa bin Maryam who was a prophet towards Bani Israel (Children of Israel) lived and died like all other prophets and human beings. (references can be provided upon request, due to shortage of time I’m not writing them all here). I hope everyone can recognize some names as they are spread from the time of Holy Prophet (saw) to present day and in all parts of the Muslim world.

Please Note: This is a supporting evidence only. The primary source is still the Holy Quran which has been quoted in another blog entry.

(1) Hazrat Imam Hasan (ra) – tabkatul kubra

(2) Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas (ra) – commentator of the Holy Quran and companion of the Holy Prophet (saw) – Bukhari Kitab-ut-Tafseer, Sura Maidah

(3) Hazrat Jarood bin Mualla (ra) – companion of the Holy Prophet (saw)

(4) Hazrat Imam Malik (rh)

(5) Shia Scholar Allama Qumi (d. 381 H)

(6) Shia Scholar Allama Jabai

(7) Allama Ibn-e-Timia

(8) Allama Ibn-e-Qayyam

(9) Allama Ibn-e-Hayyan

(10) Allama Shokani

(11) Allama Abu Muslim Asfahani

(12) Allama Muhayuddin Ibn-e-Arabi

(13) Allama Siraj-ud-Din Ibn Alwaradi

(14) Imam Ibn-e-Hazam

(15) Imam Akbar Allama Mahmood Shaltoot (Mufti Egypt)

(16) Commentator of Holy Quran Allama Mufti Muhammad Abadahu (Cairo)

(17) Commentator of Holy Quran Allama Rasheed Raza (Cairo)

(18) Commentator of Holy Quran Allama Ahmad al-Mustafa al-Maraghi

(19) Allama Dr. Muhammad Mahmood Hijazi (Prof. Jamia al-Azhar Egypt)

(20) Ustadh Abdul Wahab Anajar

(21) Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Fareed sahib (Chachran Shareef Walay)

(22) Allama Obaidullah Sindhi

(23) Nawab Azam Yar Jang

(24) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

(25) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

(26) Ghulam Ahmad Pervaiz (Editor Tulu-e-Islam)

(27) Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hajveri (rh)

(28) Allama Muhammad Anayatullah Mashriqi

(29) Imam Fakhruddin Razi

(30) Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Yusuf

(I compiled this list over a long period of time when I was doing research myself on the subject matter. I have copies of pages from the original books for some of them)

5 Replies to “Isa bin Maryam (Jesus son of Mary) and Learned and Eminent Scholars of Islam”

  1. Asalamulaikum,

    Brother when you say Allama Ibn-e-Timia are you talking about Taqi ad-Din Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah ??? If so could you please give me referce to the page or kindly somehow upload it onto your site please.

  2. wa alaikum assalam wr wb,

    Yes, that is correct. Here is the scanned copy:

    Reference and book name etc.:

    الجزء الاول من مجموعہ الرساءل الکبری ۔ تالیف شیخ الاسلام تقی الدین ابی العباس احمد بن عبدالحلیم ابن عبدالسلام بن تیمیہ الحرانی الدمشقی المتوفی سنہ ۷۲۸ھ، ص ۸۰، ۸۱، الطبعہ الاولی سنہ ۱۳۲۳ھ بالمطبعہ العامرۃ الشرفیۃ بمصر

    All errors in transcribing names/references are mine 🙂 they are from my notes that I prepared over 10+ years ago.

  3. Jazak’Allah, for that brother this should help me when debating with a brother i know as he ranks Ibne Tamiyyah(rh) highly.

    Also brother if it not to much hassle could you write a breif summmary of what it says as i do not understand Arabic (sorry for the trouble).

  4. Basically he has bracketed both Hadhrat Isa (Jesus) and Hadhrat Musa (Moses) – may peace of Allah be upon them – in his writing and used the same word twafi (death) for both of them… which can only mean death because no one believes that Hadhrat Musa (alaihi salam) did not die.

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