Book Review: Manji – Another Pawn Advanced

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Canada, has published a book in response to Irshad Manji’s book ‘The Trouble with Islam Today’. Titled ‘Manji – Another Pawn Advanced’, and written by a Professor of Islam accustomed to both Eastern and Western customs and traditions, Ansar Raza uses his scholarly knowledge and expertise to decipher the true teachings of Islam. Although Raza’s work is not unique in the defense of Islam, it fills a niche in the existing literature.Irshad Manji - another pawn advanced

Where previously this attack on Islam was led by Western Orientalists and scholars of other faiths, Irshad Manji’s book is an attempt to expose Islam from the inside. Through using personal experiences, Manji endeavors to show Islam as being an intolerant, oppressive and primitive faith. It is in response to these allegations that Ansar Raza’s book has been written. For Ansar Raza, not only is Islam a true religion, completely undistorted in its nature and content to that which was revealed to the Holy Founder of Islam, but Islam is also a perfect and living faith containing within it internal mechanisms that allow reformation and change, making it as relevant today and in the future as it was in the past.

The book is organized in chapters corresponding to the arguments presented by Manji. As such it is both easy to read and can be used as a quick reference book. Although written by a scholar, the style of writing is simple, at places humorous and as such makes the book accessible to all and a light-hearted read.

Through direct counter-arguments to those presented by Manji, Raza seeks to expel any misconceptions that may arise from Manji’s arguments. In this regard this book should be warmly welcomed. Through presenting an alternate viewpoint to that of Manji, it provides the audience with a secondary set of ideas and arguments to use to base their own reasoned judgment upon.

In Canada this book can be purchased online at Books on Islam and elsewhere from Al Islam Store.

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