Declaration when getting passport in Pakistan – A new Kalma created in Islam

Most sensible people know about the subject matter and agree what a political stunt it was when Bhutto government declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims without even discussing the topic of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat on the basis of which they made the constitutional amendement, but there are still some ignorant souls who try to justify it even though it is completely against the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.  A little comment I posted after glancing through this ignorant’s post and comment

Holy Prophet (saw) said that 72 will be separate and hell bound and one will be on his path. You may try as much as you want but you can’t reverse that Hadith now. The munir inquiry report of 1953 is enough to show the true face of non-Ahmadi scholars and their definition of Muslim. Come up with one definition for God sake!

And congratulations to Pakistani Muslims on their new Kalma and creating your own new creed! What should we call it now? Pakistani Islam version 1974? Obviously it can’t be called the Islam of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) after all the changes it has gone through.

And as for the hadith you quoted on agreement, it does not apply since Ahmadis are not part of that decision. Nice try but total failure.

Qadianis as non-Muslim minority?

This is in response to the article in a Pakistani newspaper The News about Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

The author of this article forgot to mention some very important points.

  1. In the 13 days of discussion in the special committee of National Assembly of Pakistan in 1974 the topic of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat (Finality of Prophethood) was never brought up. I have read the entire question/answers from the official proceedings published recently by the National Assembly. This proceeding is supposed to be available in the Library of National Assembly as well. Everyone should try to get hold of the copy and read it to find that “Khatam-e-Nabuwwat“was never discussed and in fact Attorney General Yahya Bakhtiar presented the “popular” Muslim belief that Jesus son of Mary in his second coming will be a prophet and agreed with Ahmadiyya view.
  2. Mirza Nasir Ahmad, the 3rd Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at never agreed that the National Assembly of Pakistan can be a judge that can decide who is a Muslim or not. This is evident from the Mahzarnama (The Memorandum) that was submitted to National Assembly’s special committee. It clearly states this in the opening pages of that important document and Attorney General Yahya Bakhtiar argued over this for first several days! Mirza Nasir Ahmad was obeying the law as he was called by the government to be present in person and answer the questions on behalf of the community.
  3. The belief in Khatam-e-Nabuwwat of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at is exactly same as other sects. That is why it was never discussed. So presenting this point as if Ahmadis do not believe in Khatam-e-Nabuwwat and were declared non-Muslim on this basis is a conscious lie by the author. The laws 298B/C of 1984 XX ordnance by dictator Zia-ul-Haq were a coward act to suppress the viewpoint of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. If we did not have belief in Khatam-e-Nabuwwat it would have been very easy to allow our literature be published and every Pakistani could decide for himself/herself by looking at it or listening to our views. But since this is not true, the Mullahs had to use force of law to suppress the truth.
  4. The question of whether Ahmadis consider other Muslims outside Islam was also discussed thoroughly in that special committee. If you read it you will find the answer that all sects have the same belief and declare others outside Islam except Ahmadis who consider everyone as Muslim as far as the Ummah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) is concerned. Other sects have very severe fatwas of Kuffar so much so that the words cannot be repeated in a civilized discussion. The fact of the matter is that the 1953 Munir Inquiry Report had already concluded that no two religious scholars agreed on the definition of a Muslim. And this fact still remains as true as was in 1953. There was never a need for 1974 meeting in lieu of 1953 inquiry. It was a staged drama. The Rabwah incident never happened the way it was presented in media propaganda. It was all pre-planned and was followed through meticulously. Samdani tribunal report, which was constituted to look into the Rabwah incident, was never published.
  5. The question of offering funeral prayer of Qaid-e-Azam was also discussed in National Assembly and if you read the response you will have to declare rest of the Pakistanis as non-Muslim as well including some prominent Muslim political leaders of that time (and their entire sects/parties as well) who did not read the funeral prayer. On all seriousness it was the Imam, Shabbir Ahmad Usmani, who was leading the funeral prayer who had on record called Chaudhry Muhammad Zafarullah Khan as Kaffir (infidel). How could he  stand behind him in the prayer? Only someone who has no faith and only wants the world to praise him would have read the prayer behind someone who calls you kaffir. Funeral prayer in Islamic jurisprudence is “fard-e-kafaya” meaning it is not obligatory on all to pray. Ahmadi Muslims pray the funeral prayer of any Muslim who does not have any other Muslim to pray. One such incident from Denmark was presented to the special committee as well.
  6. 7th September is indeed a remarkable day in the history of Pakistan as the author has pointed out but it is remarkable for proving the truthfulness of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) who prophesied that “my people will be divided into 73 sections, all of them will be in the fire except one”. The prophecy is about 72 vs one community. The leading Urdu newspaper reported that “Excluding Qadianis all the 72 sects are considered to be Muslims”. This fateful day the 72 sects gathered and declared they are The 72 and Ahmadis are the One.

There are some other points in the article which are written with prejudice and ignorance and I’ll briefly touch on them in the end, e.g. “Qadianis working against Pakistan” but the fact of the matter is that Ahmadis world-over are praying and fasting regularly for the safety of Pakistan.

The author also claims that this is “unanimous” decision of Ummah that anyone who claims to be a prophet is not Muslim but the fact is that Holy Prophet (saw) himself prophesied a prophet in the Ummah in the latter days. The fatwa of the Muslim scholars today has no status against the teachings of Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). Great Islamic scholars of the past also agree.

Author also fails to recognize that in religious matters there is no copyright. Allah belongs to all and so does all other good things including prophets. If Christians around the world decided one day to ban Muslims and Holy Quran because it calls Jesus their prophet, will he accept this verdict?

Moreover, a political government, or majority population has no right to decide a religious matter, otherwise every prophet will have to be declared a false one at the very start on that principle. This self-concocted criteria is against the clear teachings of Quran and religious history.

Lastly if you have any love for truth, publish the proceedings of 1974 in public domain along with the case in Federal Shariat court. We are all ready to sacrifice the last drop of our blood to up hold the truth. Insha’Allah

Were members of National Assembly of Pakistan capable to decide if Ahmadis are not Muslim?

This is from the official record of 1974 discussion that was held to discuss the “Qadiani” issue. On page 256 on the second day of discussion, before going on a recess when the Ahmadiyya delegation left the room, this point was raised by Abdul Hameed Jatoi: (English translation follows)


Abdul Hameed Jatoi: Sir Chairman, we have come to know since yesterday that we are sitting here in the house as judge and we will decide. I understand that our position is like that if a non-advocate is appointed as the judge of the High Court and he gives out fatwa as a judge. My submission is this that if we were expert of Islam, or we had studied Islam, or we were professors of Islam, then you can expect us to give out fatwa. But in this situation as a lay-man it is very difficult for us to become judge.

Chairman: You are not supposed to give fatwa, you have to decide.

Abdul Hameed Jatoi: Have to decide?

Chairman: Have to decide.

Abdul Hameed Jatoi: How can you give a right to decide to someone who does not even know the law that he is going to decide on?

I rest my case!

Mullahs Way to Protect the Prophethood of Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw)

Mullahs = Ignorant scholars among the Muslims who are responsible for all the bad things you see in the holy name of Islam.

In Pakistan the discrimination in education sector is widespread against Ahmadi Muslims. Recently 10 kids were expelled in Hafizabad. Including among those kids was one who was studying in prep class. He didn’t even start his first grade! Mastar Rana Dilawar Hussain was murdered in cold blood at his school because he was an Ahmadi. Many students & teacher are facing cases. A lecturer in Kotli had “Qadiyani Kafir” written at his rostrum. His son was beaten by some students belonging to student organisations. There are educational institutions de nationalised across Pakistan but Ahmadiyya institutions are not handed back years after Ahmadiyya Jama’at paid a hefty amount and fulfilled all the requirements. Here’s another sinister way to indoctrinate young kids with hate in Pakistani schools by handing them notebook label stickers by the so-called protectors of Islam:

Above is a sticker that children use on their books as “label” with the name and class. This is being distributed in schools of Pakistan by Majlis Tahaffuz-e-Khatam-e-Nabuwwat (a terrorist organization created in the holy name of Prophet Muhammad(saw) but has actual roots in Majlis-e-Ahrar*). It says on the sticker that if your teacher is “Qadiani” i.e. Ahmadi Muslim, then refuse to get educated from him.

Urdu Version (click to view)

*Majlis-e-Ahrar is the same organization that opposed Muslim League during Pakistan movement  and was against the creation of Pakistan.

Large protest against Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Mosque in Rawalpindi Pakistan


Which Prophet do Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Jamat-e-Islami, Sipah-e-Sahaba and Ahl-e-Sunnat Jammat follow? Which Quran do they follow? The Holy Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w) was mercy for all. When a delegate of Christians came from Najaran, Holy Prophet allowed them to pray inside his mosque.

Holy Quran orders Muslims to protect the Churches and Synagogues. It establishes freedom of religion for all. Which religion do these people represent? It cannot be the one that was brought by Holy Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w). It is not Islam.

Comment on Pope calls on Pakistan to repeal blasphemy law

The Pope seems to have understood the ididocracy of the laws well. Just as he says, they are used to discriminate against minorities; especially Christians and Ahmadi Muslims. The laws do not serve to honor the Prophet Muhammad or Islam, for the Prophet taught us to love and respect all of Gods creatures and religions.

To all the followers of this perverted religion which we find in Pakistan, they should be reminded that there is no punishment in Islam for blasphemy. No such punishment is prescribed in the Holy Qur’an, or in any of the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad(saw). Islam promotes the need for respect of all religions for the sake of peace in society, but it does not set out any punishment for blasphemy despite the offence it may cause people of faith.

Love for all Hatred for None!

My Comments on Where did the blasphemy law come from?

Here are my comments on Where did the blasphemy law come from?

Since Blasphemy law in its current form (295-C) has no basis in Islam it can be repealed in a single day. This law wasn’t created by masses nor the Pakistani general public asked for it. It needs courageous leader who is not afraid of a bunch of jahil maulvis (ignorant self-proclaimed scholars of Islam).

My second comment

This is not rocket science. Islam’s source is Quran and Sunnah (practice of the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be on him). Both sources are 100% opposite to the Blasphemy law of Pakistan.

Those who support blasphemy law are insulting Allah, Quran and Holy Prophet (peace be on him). They are the biggest blasphemers themselves. They promote extremism and anti-Islamic ideology of “holy war” to kill anyone who does not agree with them. They are the ones producing terrorists who consider all Pakistanis as potential target. And yes they are the same people from whom the Holy Prophet (peace be on him) warned the Ummah.

And yes they are the same people who were against the creation of Pakistan in the first place. They don’t teach us that in history lesson!

And yes they are the same people that Bhutto, Zia and Musharraf and every government used for their own benefit.

This jinni is now a giant beast and out of control. God bless Pakistan.

As you sow, so shall you reap.

My third comment

Whether Aasia is guilty or not is irrelevant. In Islam there is no punishment for blasphemy. If Pakistan was created in the name of Islam then it must cleanse itself from un Islamic laws created by jahil maulvis. However if Pakistan follows some other religion then the discussion is irrelevant. Do whatever pleases you.


Originally posted here along with the proposed amendments.

These proposed amendments, while reflecting a promising start, don’t nearly go far enough; they preserve the explicit criminalization of Ahmadi activities (298B,C). Those provisions need to be repealed in their entirety. They have no basis in Islam and are in direct contradiction to article 20 of constitution.