Comment on Dr. Abdus Salam: Beyond Physics

A 4 year old article was reposted on and as one can expect wherever the name Ahmadiyyat comes up, some jahil maulvi or a brain washed and brain dead Pakistani jumps on with idiotic propaganda about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at. To set the record straight I posted a comment:

Lets separate myth from reality. Ahmadi Muslims are not allowed to practice their religion i.e. Islam in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the very holy name of Islam. See for youself Pakistani constitutional laws 298B & C. How ironic that can be? Anyone who thinks otherwise is a brain washed jahil mullah.

Ahmadis are as much Muslims as any other sect in Pakistan because their beliefs are 100% according to the teachings of Quran & Sunnah. Again anyone who thinks otherwise is a jahil coward who can’t even take little courage to go read their website and their beliefs @

All we have done in Pakistan is created jahalat in the name of Islam and extremism in the name of Islam. We all should be ashamed of being Pakistani today.

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