Qur’an full of love for humanity

In response to allegations on Islam, my following letter was published on 21st December 2011 in The Barrie Examiner under the title of “Qur’an full of love for humanity“:

(Re: ‘Not everyone is looking for peace’ in the Dec. 16 edition of the Examiner)

In her letter, Monti Hannona again cites second-hand sources to make her points about Muslims and Qu’ran. That was the whole point of my argument, which she clearly ignored.

If Muslims are acting against their own teachings then it is not the fault of Qur’an. Do all Christians follow the teachings of the New Testament and turn the other cheek?

How hypocritical to say that those who criticize the Bible or Christians for their atrocities are atheists or pro-Muslims, and those who criticize Qur’an are Muslim scientists?

How she negates her own argument within the same letter can only be termed as delusional.

Ms. Hannona says the teaching of turning your other cheek does not work in all situations. But this is not how Jesus applied it.

Is she creating a new religion?

Islam did not spread with the sword. Swords can win territories, but not hearts.

Which sword brought millions of Chinese and Indonesians into Islam?

It is the beautiful teaching of love and peace that wins hearts. Which sword is converting people to Islam today?

Qur’an’s teaching is full of love for humanity.

It teaches how to establish social, economic and political peace in our lives. I would encourage you to use the primary source of Islam to shun the extremists instead of promoting their corruption.

Peace to all.

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